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Supported fellowships at the Biozentrum of the University of Basel

Since 2004, the Misrock Foundation has supported projects of the Biozentrum of the university of Basel. It has financed the doctoral thesis of Florine Polus-Scheidegger on the "Molecular Basis Of Tumor Formation By Pathogenic Bacteria" in 2004–2008 and Charles Betz on the "Regulation Of mTor Complex 2" in 2008–2012.

News Reports

Charles Betz, Misrock Fellow 2008–2012



mTOR complex 2-Akt signaling at mitochondria associated endoplasmic reticulum membranes (MAM) regulates mitochondrial physiology
Charles Betz, Daniele Stracka, Cristina Prescianotto-Baschong, Maud Frieden, Nicolas Demaurex, and Michael N. Halla. PNAS 30 July 2013
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Hepatic mTORC2 Activates Glycolysis and Lipogenesis through Akt,
Glucokinase, and SREBP1c

Hagiwara, A., Cornu, M., Cybulski, N., Polak, P., Betz, C., Trapani, F., et al.
Cell Metabolism. doi:10.1016/j.cmet.2012.03.015
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Genome-wide shRNA screen reveals increased mitochondrial dependence
upon mTORC2 addiction

Colombi, M., Molle, K. D., Benjamin, D., Rattenbacher-Kiser, K., Schaefer, C., Betz, C., et al.
Oncogene, 30(13), 1551–1565. doi:10.1038/onc.2010.539
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Progress Report:

October 19, 2012, Basel

Charles Betz, Misrock Fellow, Final Progress Report
by Prof. Michael Hall
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Florine Polus-Scheidegger, Misrock Fellow 2004–2008

Progress Report:

January 17, 2009, Basel

Progress Report for the project "Molecular basis of tumor formation by pathogenic bacteria" supported by a Misrock Foundation Fellowship for the PhD student Florine Scheidegger
by Prof. Christoph Dehio
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